Get Beautiful Garden in 4 Simple Steps!

Enjoy your garden without spending too much time or energy, seems unrealistic, but it’s very much possible! Try the methods and plant the plants that will do the job for you. 4 natural techniques to do as little as possible and gain the outcome you’ve never seen before!


1 – Cover More Groud

Lush Garden Area Covered With Flowers

Nothing is eviler in the Gardening then to leave your garden area uncovered without plants. In Perennial ground covers you save weeding, helps to plant seasonal flowers and allows maximum utilization of watering. Where annual flowers require 40 minutes of work per m2 per year, if the entire ground is covered it just requires you 5 minutes!

Good varieties


1. Purple Bugle 2. Lamium Beacon Silver 3. Purple periwinkle 4. Aster ‘Schneegitter’ 5. Bistort  6. Deltoid carnation  7.Veronica of Austria 8. Montpellier cockle

These are just a small range of plants that you can try out in your garden, and they will help you cover more ground and also give your garden a great overall look. They also require less maintenance.

2 – Vegetables that self-seed


Some plants reseed independently, provided that their conditions are favorable. Vegetables need a loose soil to thrive. A garden that requires little maintenance is fitted with small open spaces, where the seeds will grow!

Good Varieties


1. Mash ‘Coquille de Louviers’ 2.Tomate Cherry 3. Lettuce Oak Leaf 4. Physalis 5. Spinach-strawberry 6. Sunbury 7. Angélique 8. Cress

These are some of the right varieties for self-seed vegetables. They will be a great addition to your garden!

3 – Use the Tools

garden tools small

You can use several tools now to make your garden better. For example, a gravel is a valuable ally of gardeners who have little time to care for their garden. In addition to low maintenance demand, it also gives a natural and aesthetic. Along with that, it did not skimp on the thickness of the layer. The deeper, the better. You can also look for some weed wacker or weed eater tools which will help you make your task easier. You can find some of the best weed eaters here –

How to use?

This video should give you a nice little overview of how string trimmers function and how to use one properly.

4 – Permaculture


Who better than nature to teach us how to take care of our plants with ease. In a forest, the soil is never bare. Permaculture is born from this observation. Result: less need for watering and fertilizer. Permaculture is the art of nature work for you.

Best Materials of Choice


1. Grass. 2. Straw. 3. Green waste. do not waste! If you utilize them correctly, your task will be very simple!

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